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The Curriculum

Module 1: Knowledge into Know-How: How to Accurately Measure & Monitor Your Blood Pressure, Identify Your Risk Factors and Craft Your Transformation Plan

Discover how to accurately measure and monitor your blood pressure, so that you know your numbers and understand what they mean for your health Identify your risk and protective factors, learn which factors in your life are putting you at risk of raised blood pressure so you can actually do something about it Craft your blood pressure transformation plan, so that you have a personalised action plan and can start lowering your high blood pressure naturally

Module 2: Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet: How To Use Food As Effective Blood Pressure Medication

Learn which foods can help lower your blood pressure, so that you can start to use food as medicine Start putting together your weekly blood pressure dwindling meal plan, so that each week you’re secure in the knowledge that everything you eat will help your numbers plummet

Module 3: Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet: Your Exercise Prescription – Controlling Your High Blood Pressure Through Movement

Learn which types of exercise are most beneficial for controlling your high blood pressure, so that you can start to lower your high blood pressure through workouts that you love Plan your blood pressure lowering workout sessions,  and stick to them because you’ve found activities that control your blood pressure without controlling your life

Module 4: Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet: Stress Less – How To Pacify Your Stresses And Prevail Over Your Stressors

Discover how stress may be affecting your blood pressure, so that stress no longer has a stranglehold on your blood pressure Build resilience and learn how to effectively manage your stressors, so that you can mitigate their affects in your life

Module 5: Your Better Blood Pressure Plan: Putting It All Together & Making It Work For You

How to put your better blood pressure plan in action, so that your doctor can finally take you off your blood pressure medication Discover how to maintain your blood pressure, so that you can start reaping the rewards in your health and your life


Bonus 1: Blood Pressure Log & Risk Identification Worksheet

Bonus 2: Blood Pressure Dwindling Recipes, Ingredients List and Weekly Planner

Bonus 3: Wondrous Blood Pressure Workouts

Bonus 4: Tranquility Tips & Techniques

Bonus 5: Lifetime Access to the Better Blood Pressure Facebook Group

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